Curvature: The Fundamentals, Ryan Gallagher

At the backbone of differential geometry sits the notion of curvature, a quantity measuring how much a curve or surface “curves” at a given point. In this talk, we will introduce the basics of planar differential geometry, including parameterizations of curves, various notions of the curvature vector, and the topology of curves. This talk aims to build a working understanding of curvature with the goal of later applying that knowledge to understanding the mean curvature flow, or curve-shortening flow, of planar curves.

Origami Knots in Graphs, Ada Morse

Inspired by a topological obstruction to the origami method of DNA nanostructure self-assembly design, we define and study origami knots in Eulerian graphs embedded on orientable surfaces in 3-space. We present a complete characterization of origami knots in naturally-defined infinite families of triangular and rectangular toroidal grids, and discuss origami knots in composites of both types of grids embedded on higher-genus surfaces.