Math 17 – Final Project

Project Proposal

Project Update: Due Friday, Nov. 10th

  • one-paragraph updated project description. If I haven’t requested any alterations from your proposal, it is OK for this to be the same as your proposal. However, you may have found in researching your project that there are refinements/alterations you want to make that I didn’t request — that is ok (in fact, encouraged!)
  • for each of your resources, please provide a one-paragraph summary of the resource and a brief description of precisely how you intend to use that resource in your project. For example, if your resource is a news article you might be intending to compare that article to results of a study, or you might be intending to use the article to provide background on the people involved, or something else.
  • Submit all of this in one PDF, uploaded through BlackBoard
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email or stop by my office.

Project Writeup and PowerPoint: Due December 1st

  • Details TBA