My primary area of research is topological graph theory, where I study spatial and surface embeddings of graphs with a view towards the design of self-assembling DNA nanostructures. I am particularly interested in topological obstructions to the DNA origami method of assembly. Objects that frequently appear in my work include embedded graphs, knots, delta-matroids, and polynomials. My advisor is Jo Ellis-Monaghan. I’m currently funded by the Vermont Space Grant Consortium.


A. Morse, “The Interlace Polynomial.” In Graph Polynomials, ed. Dehmer et al, CRC Press, 2017.

J. A. Ellis-Monaghan, G. Pangborn, N. C. Seeman, S. Blakeley, C. Disher, M. Falcigno, B. Healy, A. Morse, B. Singh, M. Westland, “Design tools for Reporter Strands and DNA Origami Scaffold Strands”, Theoretical Computer Science,, 2016

O. de la Cruz Vite, J. Foisy, C. Gibbons, A. Morse, C. Negron, “On weakly diameter-critical graphs,” Graph Theory Notes of New York LXVII, 67:1-16, 2014.

Preprints etc.

A. Morse, W. Adkisson, J. Greene, D. Perry, B. Smith, G. Pangborn, J.A. Ellis-Monaghan. “DNA Origami and Unknotted A-trails in Torus Graphs,” The Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, submitted, 2017.

J.A. Ellis-Monaghan, A. Morse. “When is a graph OK?” In preparation.

J.A. Ellis-Monaghan, A. Morse. “Interlacement and Activities in Delta-matroids.” In preparation.

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